How to Optimise your Bumpa Website for more Visibility on Google in 2023!


How to Optimise your Bumpa Website for more Visibility on Google in 2023!



Petra Nna .May 9, 2023

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Google is the most visited website, and 46% of product searches begin there.

Source - Oberlo

The top 3 search results in Google get 52.75% of all clicks.

Source - Platonik

Hello Bumpreneurs!

You know how being a Bumpreneur means you instantly get a website for your business and you can upload products and start selling immediately? Well today, we’ll be talking about how you can make more money through your Bumpa website by optimising it for more visibility!

Now, what do I mean by visibility here?

It is often said that the best place to hide a dead body is on Google’s second page.

What this means is that if your website is not appearing on Google’s first page, it may as well not exist to searchers. To increase your visibility online and have those customers find you, you need to appear more often on Google’s first page, and I’m going to be sharing a single, neat trick you can use.

But before you even ask, what are the benefits of doing this? Let’s find out.

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Benefits of Optimising your Website for More Visibility on Google

Owning a website isn’t just for you to have your products listed in one place and find it easier to share links to your customers so that they can browse through everything you sell. No. It is also for exposing your business to the possibility of getting more customers online, and these other benefits listed below.

  1. Increased Traffic: You can improve your search engine ranking and attract more visitors to your website. What this simply means is that the chances of people seeing your website and what you sell, and visiting your website to buy, increases.

  2. Better User Experience: It improves your website's user experience, making it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for and ultimately increasing the chances of making a sale.

  3. Increased Authority: An optimised website can help increase your authority and credibility in your niche, making it more likely that visitors will trust your brand and choose you over competitors. The more customers find your website on Google, the more they trust that you know what you’re doing.

  4. Competitive Advantage: Optimising your website can help set you apart from competitors who haven't invested in optimisation, giving you a strategic edge in the market. But also even in the competitive market, optimising your website puts you in the same space as your competitors, which is better than not being known at all.

  5. Improved ROI: We all love this one! Optimisation can help you get more leads and sales, making it a cost-effective way to improve your return on investment (ROI) and achieve your business goals. It doesn’t cost money to optimise your site, but instead, it can bring you more money!

Let’s get into it!

How to Optimise your Bumpa Website for More Visibility

The one trick I’ll be sharing today is the product page optimisation. The product page lets you create a product name and description, and it’s time to start taking full advantage of it.

A great example is Miwa Beauty Store, a Bumpa website that sells beauty products. Miwa Beauty Store appears on Google’s first page for a lot of the products the brand sells, despite being in a highly competitive industry, and this is because each product is optimised with the product names, which are also search terms.

And I noticed this, just like any other customer who goes online to search for a product. I was looking for the Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser, and like you can see in the screenshot below, Miwa Beauty Store ranks very highly for that product.

How to Optimise your Product Pages on Bumpa

Another thing to note is that the product name and even description carries the size and the price, and this gives the searcher an idea of what they’re going to see, even before they click on the link. This practice helps you reduce people who click on the link just to see and not buy, and increases the chances of someone clicking on the link being an actual buyer.

Interesting, isn’t it?

I did a further dive into the website by searching random items from their store, and they maintained the same first page appearance for all these products, like you can see below.

How to Optimise your Product Pages on BumpaHow to Optimise your Product Pages on Bumpa

This is how Miwa Beauty Store competes on Google for customers, and you can do it too. Why this brand’s system works is that the products are already search terms that people type in on Google. But even if you don’t have products like this, it doesn’t matter because there are still search terms you can use, and you should use them in your product naming and description to maximise the chances of ranking for such a search term.

How to Optimise your Product Pages on your Bumpa Website

The first trick is to take your time to categorise everything you sell. Even if you sell women’s shoes, not all shoes are the same. Create categories for your products e.g if you sell shoes, instead of dumping everything on your website, you should have different categories for sandals, boots, high heels, wedges, sneakers e.t.c, just like Miwa Beauty has done with their skincare products.

How to Optimise your Product Pages on Bumpa website

You can achieve this with Collections on Bumpa. Let’s use the Keyword “Women’s Shoes” for example.

To create a collection:

  1. Open your Bumpa app and at the bottom of your screen, click on Products.

  2. Select Collections.

  3. Tap on the Plus button to create a new collection.

  4. Add a name for the collection e.g Women’s High Heels.

  5. Click on Add Collection.

And you’re done. Create these categories for every single category of items you sell. What you’re doing here is:

  1. Making it easier for your customers to search for products.

  2. Making it easier for Google to understand what you’re selling and index your pages properly as this will help them with providing your page as a result for when people search for those items.

Now, let’s move to products.

Note: Make sure you add products matching these collections and each product should feature the keyword ‘high heels’ (using the collection we’ve created as an example) in the title and description.

To create a product:

  1. Open your Bumpa app and at the bottom of your screen, click on Products.

  2. Tap on the Plus button to create a new product.

  3. Add all the necessary information and make sure you take your time to write the best title and description for the product. E.g Title - “4 inch Peep Toe Block Heels for Women” and Description - “Buy quality 4 inch peep toe block heels for women online at the lowest prices. Suitable for weddings, offices and events. Guaranteed comfort and quick delivery!”

  4. Select the product collection you want it to be added to. In this case it would be Women’s High Heels.

  5. Click on Save Product.

And you’re done! What you’ve achieved here is categorising your products, and also using search terms to name and describe your product, thereby optimising those pages for search on Google.


And that’s how you optimise your Bumpa website for more visibility on Google in 2023! This will increase the benefits of having a website, and open up your brand to more eyeballs, customers and conversions in 2023! Give it a try and give us feedback on how it goes!

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