Record Keeping & Accounting for your Business Sales | Bumpa

Record Sales

Record paid and unpaid sales from your physical shop, website, social media apps, marketplaces & all the places you sell with ease on your Bumpa app.


Record sales from every channel you sell.

Record sales from your physical shop, website, social media apps, marketplace and everywhere you sell with the Bumpa app.


Record business expenses

Record your business expenses like rent, transportation, shipping costs etc on the Bumpa app and keep track of all business expenditures.


Save all your customer details

The Bumpa app helps you record the details of your customers, from name, preferences, shipping address, social media handles, order history and so much more for better customer service.


Record debts and request payment with the Bumpa app.

You can record unpaid orders and send payment requests to your debtors with the Bumpa app.


Your Business Bestfriend.

Great Customer Service. Ease of doing business. Secure and Safe Records. Automate Business Processes. This is where the magic happens for small and medium-scale businesses in Africa.

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